1. Dry clothes outdoors or in the bathroom with the window wide open and door closed.
  2. Never use flueless heaters.
  3. Vent your tumble drier outside.
  4. Always cover cooking pans and never leave kettles boiling.
  5. When a room is in use, keep a small window or a trickle vent open.
  6. Ventilate bathrooms, kitchens and utility areas.
  7. Keep bathroom and kitchen doors closed even if they have extractor fans.
  8. Don’t overfill wardrobes – let air circulate freely inside. If in doubt, cut holes in the back panel of the wardrobe and locate them against internal partition walls if possible.
  9. Upgrade levels of insulation, draught-proofing/sealings and heating.
  10. Constant, low-level heating provides the most economical form of heat and reduces the likelihood of condensation.


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