These ideas are aimed at little gardens or terraces, but many can be adapted for larger plots, too. You can click on any of the photos below to enlarge them, to see the rest of the project and also to see other related and relevant photos.

Champion purple and grey

This winning colour combination is perfect if your taste is contemporary and restrained. The smooth, batten-style fence is also a shortcut to a contemporary-looking garden, as opposed to the more traditional rough-to-touch featheredge or closeboard panels.

This garden also shows how a small change in levels can go a long way to adding interest to a small plot. Just two shallow steps and that neat but only slightly raised bed really help to define the seating area, while also leading the eye towards the friendly yet ordered planting scheme beyond.

Sticking to one main colour for your planting is great if you’re not a very confident planter. You might not get your beds looking as professional as these award-winning ones, but you can have a go by choosing lots of lavender, dotting in taller blooms, such as alliums, as here, and filling the gaps with low-growing evergreens.

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Invest in excellent lighting

With a tiny garden, patio, roof terrace or balcony, you still have options for creating a really special space.

If you can’t add different levels, have no chance of a lawn and barely have one flowerbed, consider spending wisely on really good lighting design. With the right planting, whether in pots or growing up walls, as here, you can give your outdoor space drama and probably even induce garden envy from those with roomier patches.

It’s worth getting professional design advice about how best to create an impact with your lighting, though if you’re on a tight budget, even investing in a few uplighters and spiking them into your beds or pots will go a long way.

Chances are you’ll still need a pro to get the wiring in place for you, and this will ideally be done before the space is finished and planted, so wires can be tucked away.

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What you need: 4 x lengths of timber board (similar to scaffold planks or railway sleepers), two each of equal length.  This is the frame...


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