1. Co. Down Home

Colin and Barbara Barry had always wanted to self-build on a site with sea views, and when a large plot in Co Down completely open to the sea on three sides came up for sale, they didn’t hesitate in taking this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

250714PL130-2-1024x682 (1)

Source: SelfBuild.ie

2. Co. Dublin Home

Period homes have so much charm it can be hard not to fall under their spell. However in this day and age of low maintenance, cheap-to-heat homes, they can leave much to be desired…

11082015_SB02_Albany_Road_120-Cover-660x440 (1)

Source: SelfBuild.ie

3. Co. Carlow Home

The mechanics of how butterflies take flight is complicated, even though, when you look at them, their flutters seem effortless. Jim and Eva Preston’s house in Co Carlow has many of the same characteristics; while it looks simple the build was anything but…

Leggett-086 (3)

Source: SelfBuild.ie

4. Co. Antrim Home

Being granted planning permission is, in most cases, a cause to celebrate. However for John and Susan Black of Co Antrim it was a bit of an anti-climax as they soon realised the house they’d planned to build didn’t fit the site!

250614PL058 (1)

Source: SelfBuild.ie

5. Co. Dublin Container Build

This global housing and architectural trend spread to Ireland in the form of small or student projects, none of which are believed to have been built to be fully compliant to building regulations.

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Source: SelfBuild.ie

6. Co. Down Dwelling

Strengthening bonds within a family often involves gatherings for special events, perhaps even a joint holiday or two. Brothers-in-law Ryan Livendale and Callum Scott cemented their relationship with a slightly more unconventional approach…

101014PL176-1024x683 (2)

Source: SelfBuild.ie


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