Kitchen Islands are certainly trending right now, so we thought we would share with you a collection of impressive Islands to perhaps spark your imagination for your own home.

1. Co. Carlow Island


Jenny and Mick had to make some modifications during the build. “In the kitchen we had to move the sink, it really wasn’t in the best location. However their alteration worked out and the finished article truly turned out to be special, especially their island.

2. Co. Offaly Island

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When Ciarán and Linda McManus got engaged, they decided to build their own house, pledging that they would include everything they ever dreamt of putting in a home so that they never would need to extend. With the space they have around their island, why would they have to extend?

3. Co Tipperary Island

Selfbuildt_001-900x600 (1)

Kevin Shinners spent two years finalising the plans for his Co Tipperary home, and the result was well worth the wait…

4. Co. Cork Island

111-900x600 (1)

When Mary and John Stewart of Co Cork decided to extend their family home, they knew exactly what they wanted. A north facing, yet light filled, extension…

5. Co. Galway Island

warner-0146-900x600 (1)

In today’s market, buying an existing house can often cost less than building your own. But for those whose requirements are very specific, as were Brigid and Pat Coyle’s, a self-build is often the only way to get everything you need, and want, at a reasonable price…

6. Co. Wexford Island

NewRoss-19-900x600 (1)

Joe Fallon and his wife Deirdre moved to County Wexford in 2006 to start a family, build a house and further develop Joe’s architectural practice. Talk about new beginnings! Their first step was to buy a 200 year old cottage in the heart of the Blackstairs Mountains, leaving behind them the hustle and bustle of city life…

7. Co. Down Island

040912PL093-900x600 (1)

When house hunters Tom and Eve Wright came across a traditional Irish cottage with mountain views in Co Down, they thought they’d found the house they’d retire to. But despite bidding as high as their budget would go, it wasn’t enough for the owners to sell. The day the news came through that their offer was rejected, they saw a ‘for sale’ sign beside a stone cottage just two miles down the road…

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