Looking for some inspiration for your renovation or extension project?

We often get feedback that people struggle to find local inspiration that they can relate to, so we have compiled a list of local projects that have been completed near you!

1. A 50k thatched cottage restoration in Co. Louth

Source: realhomes.com

After travelling the world for a couple of years Sonja and Kevin Bergin decided to buy a home in the Irish countryside, where Kevin had spent a happy childhood. They chose a thatched stone-built cottage and have been renovating for the last two decades.

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2. Co. Wexford Farmhouse Renovation

Stunning views, a family connection and the prospect of an original design prompted Lory Higgins, his partner Sandra and their young family to leave Dublin and set up home in Co Wexford.

The farmhouse Lory grew up in was typical in many ways, in its rectilinear courtyard layout and small windows. It was a happy childhood, and as they often are, one in which sweaters were worn to counteract the draughts! This home is also one that his partner Sandra got attached to very quickly.

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3. North Facing Extension in Co. Dublin with new market value of €350,000

How do you get your house to change direction, get it to move so that it’s angled towards the sun and views? Insert roller blades underneath? Glenna Woods and Gerry Warnock of Co Dublin found a way to design their way out of this structural problem.

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4. £115k Open Plan Kitchen Extension | Co. Dublin

After downsizing to a small Victorian terraced house from a five-bedroom property, Judith Meager was keen to create more room. As the kitchen was dark with little worktop space, and the garden was a good size, she knew it would be right to replace the old unattractive lean-to, with an extension out into the garden and to the side.

Source: realhomes.com

5. 200 y/o home restored to its former beauty 

The house with nine lives! Fire, theft, water damage, what this house lived through reads like an insurance claim gone mad. Saving it from the brink were Wendy and David Campbell of Co Down.

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6. £58k Renovation of Edwardian Belfast terraced house

Thinking of buying a house to renovate? Here’s some inspiration from homeowners in an urban context. The family continued renting before they could move into their self-built refurbished digs, but the result was well worth the wait…

“We bought this house the year we got married, in 2012. We were looking for somewhere central but with good space, potential for improvement/extension and a garden – a house in which to start a family,” says Aisling who’s welcomed her second child to their new home this summer.

See Aisling’s full story via selfbuild.ie

7. 300 y/o thatched cottage renovation

This 300 year-old thatched cottage has been the Barrow home for over three decades. “Growing up here, the house always felt like a part of the family,” says their daughter, and architect, Aisling. “We’re all very attached to it.”

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