If you think it’s harder to sell your home in winter than summer think again. There are a number of real advantages to selling during the cooler months.

For one thing, avoiding the busy spring market means sellers can take a little more time to consider offers, and with fewer homes on the market, there’s less competition. Although you may feel you have less viewings they will probably be more serious buyers not those just having a look at you interior design ideas.

The things that lead people to make new home purchases — a new job, a growing family, up or downsizing happen all year round, and there are still plenty of buyers out there. In fact, winter is a great time for playing up your home’s cosy, family-friendly charm.

Start with the exterior

Make sure that the house looks well maintained and cared for, this goes for anytime of the year you plan to sell.  Gutters clean and minor repairs taken care of. While you can’t paint in winter, washing paintwork with warm soapy water on a mild day can make a big difference. Make sure your window cleaner still makes his visit; winter light has a way of highlighting grime.

Tend to the Garden

Cut back any shrubs and tree-branches that are obstructing pathways, pruning won’t hurt them. Keep the paths and driveways free from moss and dirt.  During the snow and ice keep a good supply of grit.  This will avoid anyone slipping in particular that prospective buyer.


Front Door

Give the front door a clean especially any hardware replace if it is worn or broken. A few tubs of colourful winter flowers make a pleasant first impression and are easy maintained.    Make sure your porch light is working and on duller days switched on this is a very welcoming feature.

Making that all important first impression

Once a prospective buyer comes inside, remember that you may have only 5 to 10 minutes to make a lasting impression. (A small but crucial point for unoccupied homes: make sure the heat is turned on several hours before the showing all the window-dressing and staging in the world won’t entice buyers to linger inside a home that’s freezing.)

Light candles

Romance visitors’ sense of smell by lighting fragrant candles or placing bowls of potpourri in main rooms. A time-honoured but still effective trick, especially on a cold winter’s day, is to have a pot of coffee brewing, or fresh bread baking.

Protect the floors

To protect your floors, put down rubber mats by the door for wet and muddy shoes; buy a few pairs of comfy one-size-fits-all slippers or disposable shoe covers from a department or discount store for visitors to wear while they view your home.

Keep the heat on

If you have a wood-burning fireplace light a fire and let it glow during the showing.

Put big, colourful poinsettias in each main room, including the kitchen; consider more modest winter flower arrangements or amaryllis blooms in other rooms, such as the bath and master bedroom.

Make sure you continue to maintain walkways clear of ice and snow, and think warm thoughts!

Article supplied by Nu Move Estate Agents

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