With the Christmas decorations well and truly packed away for another year, our homes can feel a little colourless, boring and, well, undecorated!

To avoid these January blues, why not invest your time and energy into your home décor? We bring you Blakely Interiors top-five 2019 trends to help spark your imagination and get your creative juices flowing. (If you have a favourite, please let us know in the comments box below – Ta!)

1. Woodland Walks

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Woodland walks is inspired by a traditional country cottage, with a modern and playful twist. Expect to see countryside creatures, especially the handsome hare, which will feature throughout homes in 2019. Rustic linens, landscape prints, and dried flowers will be sought after, with a hint of Heritage tartans and muted wools.

2. Moving Nordic

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Moving Nordic has evolved from the “eclectic” trend and inspired by Scandinavian styles. Key aspect of this trend is to layer different textures and create an inviting space in your home. The mixture of bold colours with soft pastels will make an appearance in prints and patterns this year. Accents of ash and bleached wood will compliment these in 2019.

3. Global Influences

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Global Influences celebrates the craftmanship of hand-woven embroideries and embellishments throughout the home. Rugged textures and authentic prints will be key. Fused with earthy pigments and rich tones. All inspired by Indian spices. Tassels, pom-poms and rope embellishments will be endless.

4. Luxe

The Luxe trend will ooze decadence in your home. It has discovered a mix of new colours for this year. Dusty pink, vintage yellow, burnt orange, deep blue and sage green will make an appearance. Complimented by burnished gold accessories, luxury velvets and marble accents. This trend is inspired by classic cocktail bars and private casinos. You will not get enough of it!

5. Raw Rocks

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Raw Rocks trend awards all-natural materials in the home for 2019. From reclaimed rattan furniture to wicker, wool and earthenware. Even an odd exposed concrete wall within your home will be effortlessly stylish. Neutral colours, pale greys, oatmeal neutrals, charcoal blacks with oxidised red hues will accentuate these natural accents.

This trend celebrates the aging of natural items. Their imperfections and details behold a story, a piece of art within the home.

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