The ‘before’ looks really bad but these chairs were actually still so comfy to sit on and still very sturdy so I decided to recover them.
See the close up of the cat claw damage….  They’re clawing as we speak. We gave up shooing them off stuff long ago. That’s how it is if you have cats.

This was just meant to be a quick fix but I think they turned out really great and took so little time to do (approx one hour per chair). Oh! and I stuck in an old cushion to each stool to make them a bit plumper as they had gotten a little deflated over the years.

The flip side…

One other thing I did was use the reverse side of the fabric. Above there’s a photo of the ‘right’ side of the fabric and while it’s really nice I just didn’t think the white stripe would be suitable for kitchen use so I flipped it and luckily the reverse side had a black fleck of thread going through the white stripe which gives it a more grainier look and I think it looks just as great and will be easier to keep clean.


This is all you need. A good Staple gun and scissors.
You can barely see the staples unless you are up close and scrutinising!
You can just see one staple on the black stripe but I can magic marker over that. The other staples are either hidden or landed on the white stripes so  they’re almost invisible.
I thought I’d have to add some piping here to cover the staples but because I added an extra cushion under the fabric –
the seat puffed up and covered all the staples saving me that extra step. Horray! You can see also I didn’t have to cut and match up my fabric for this part. It’s all one long piece of fabric. 

And there’s a shot of the underneath. Pretty ugly but who cares it’s all stapled good and tight and no one gets to see this part only aforementioned cats:-)

I’m very happy with them.  Now I need to decide what colour to paint the legs. 



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