Spring is traditionally the time of year when we look to freshening up our homes. The weather improves, the sun comes out and we feel like throwing open the windows to let the clean, fresh air in and to banish the dusty cobwebs.

It is also the time of year we are most likely to plan home renovation and redecoration projects, however bringing about a new look needn’t always be costly and time consuming. There are so many imaginative ways you can add personality and Spring style to your decor and I thought now would be the perfect opportunity to round up a few ideas for you to try. These ideas are certainly creative, but they are also simple, cheap and really effective projects for which you can realistically set aside time to carry out over the coming weeks.

These decor updates are guaranteed to give your home interior just the little Spring lift it needs around now and will fit into any decor style. Go on, which will you try?

If you haven’t yet experimented with chalk paint, now is the time to do so! It requires no prepping or sanding, just a couple of coats of paint in whatever colour you fancy to totally transform anything from old pine chairs and desks to picture frames and mirrors. Try the Annie Sloan range of chalk paint for starters. Although there are other cheaper brands out there, this is still the best for coverage in my opinion. Priced at £18.95 for a 1L tin.

This is a great example of what a dated pine desk can look like when upcycled using chalk paint… for more inspiring images, check out Pinterest or the Annie Sloan web site.


Image Credit: www.anniesloan.com

If your garden shed or wooden patio set needs a facelift, Cuprinol have a beautiful new range called Garden Shades (£12.37/L, available at B&Q), which is so easy to apply. Try Willow, Muted Grey (pictured) or Pale Jasmine for a soft, modern look.

cuprinol grey

Another quick and affordable way to update your home’s look at this time of year, is to replace smaller soft furnishings and textiles such as dark bathroom towels, Winter bedlinen and faux fur scatter cushions with those of a lighter feel and fresher colour palette. Bring in pure white fluffy bath towels and source cushions and bedlinen patterned with delicate painterly florals, spots and stripes, and replace thick knitted or fleecy bed throws with a fine knit blanket (it is only March!) in pastel shades of pale blue, lemon and sage green.

spring bedroom

Image Credit: Primark

Spring is a traditional time to clear out and clean up, so why not update your storage solutions while you’re at it? Channel the modern industrial look using copper metallic spray on old metal wire baskets or containers (try Plasti-Kote metallic spray paint, widely available), then hang them on walls as alternative shelving (as seen below) or set on a home office desk for storing papers and stationery. White and wood as a design combination is everywhere at the moment, thanks to the ongoing fascination we have with all things Nordic, but this look can easily be achieved at home; dip tired woven wicker baskets halfway into a tub of white paint and use to store bathroom essentials or as a stylish plant holder in the living room.

Update tired and dated wicker light shades in the same way while you still have paint leftover in the bottom of your tin, or how about using dusky pink or bright turquoise, instead? Use your imagination!

Create easily changeable areas of focal interest in your home with displays of art, photographs, collected trinkets, ceramics and a little greenery set onto Ikea ‘Mosslanda’ picture ledges (from £4.50, Ikea). These slimline shelves can look great above a bed (see picture below) or office desk, in a bathroom or to house books on open wall space in the home where storage space is at a premium. Why not paint them to complement your existing decor, too?

ikea picture ledge

Another cheap and fantastic way to decorate a wall area is with the use of clipboards, covered in wallpaper, blackboard paint or even strips of washi tape, with photos, postcards, memos or calendars attached and hung up in a group for a really cool display, as shown below. Again, these can be changed about when a refresh is needed.


Finally, Spring is all about new beginnings, so get out into the garden and avail of the abundance of early Spring flowers on offer and welcome their beautiful scent into your home by arranging them in little bottles or jam jars around the house. I especially love the idea below of using vintage teacups to house Spring blossoms – this is guaranteed to bring a smile to someone’s face! Also keep an eye out in your local supermarket or florist for blooms such as tulips, hyacinths and daffodils which are in full season and therefore a little cheaper than some of the other varieties about. There really is no need to buy expensive or designer vases to display your flowers in; simply think creatively about what vessels you already have at home or how everyday objects can be repurposed.

If you need further inspiration or advice on any of the above, please feel free to contact me at keira@dekkobird.com and I will be happy to help or check out Pinterest with its many how-to tutorials for some of these projects.  There will also be some Spring deco ideas on the blog in the coming weeks, so make sure to pop over to dekkobird.com for some styling advice and inspiration, too…

Good luck!

K x


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