Ambient Light

These sources use the ceiling/wall as a reflector to diffuse and spread the light.  They have no glare, so offer a very calming and relaxing atmosphere.

Decorative Lighting

From the simple to the grand, decorative lighting is an excellent way of showing off a single objective or setting the atmosphere for a whole room.  It is designed to be the central lighting feature, so make sure that it does not have to compete with too much task or accent lighting.

Accent Lighting

This source enables you to add interest to an object such as a picture or an architectural feature.  By definition, accent lighting is restricted to a single area, for example by using an directional spotlight.  Whilst ambient lighting usually flattens a room, accent lighting brings back character and interest.  Low voltage halogen lighting is particularly useful because it gives a white light which contrasts well against dark areas.  It is small and bright, and normally comes with an in built reflector (flood, spot or mini spot) allowing for very precise control over the areas that are lit.

Task Lighting

Glare from bright, visible sources distract and tire the eyes. Good task lighting improves visual clarity, prevents tiredness and helps focus the mind on the job.  Places where we need optimum task lighting are the kitchen, bathroom, study, living room and bedroom – almost everywhere in fact!  The light fittings should have integral reflectors or lenses to throw the light in a particular direction, but, unlike the accent lighting, the source of the light (glare) should never been seen.  To eliminate glare completely, mount opaque reflectors.  The angle poise lamp is a perfect example of task lighting.  In rooms such as the kitchen, task lighting should be combined with ambient light to reduce shadows.

Kinetic Lighting

Kinetic means moving – so you will obtain this form of light from a fire, candles, television or even LED displays from appliances. It is also provided by the sun when it reflects on water.  Kinetic lighting is rarely given the attention it deserves.  It is the earliest form of light and the one that has the most profound effect upon our psychological state.  When you want a romantic evening you set the scene with candles or become melancholy as you gaze in the fire.

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