“Lucky old us eh? We’ve been crunching on Aunt Sandra’s delicious honeycombe, savouring her super-scrummy traditional fudge, and rolling our eyes in delight over her chocolate macaroon cake since 1953.”

This week we visited Aunt Sandra to get a closer look at their yummy chocolate and sweets. Its safe to say we were blown away from the quality.

Q:  What makes your product unique?

A: Handmade since 1953 by old time traditional methods, we also invite small groups to see us make our products

Q: What inspires you as a producer?

A: Our customers smiles when they taste our old time fudge , Honeycomb and Macaroon plus their comments on tripadvisor.

Q: How did you get started?

A: Our Aunt ( Sandra) worked for a sweet maker from she was a girl and worked making the sweets with him for almost thirty plus years , she then came to work for me and the rest is history.

Q: Why do you think its important to keep local?

A: So many small local businesses our disappearing and the values and attention to customer service with them .

Plus with global warming it’s good practice to source locally.

Q: What motto do you live/work by?

A: Because we make old time sweets chocolate and fudge by hand by traditional methods the taste is as it used to be,

So my motto is ( We don’t make confectionery,we make memories for the young and rekindle memories for the old through taste).

Q: Where can we buy your products?

A: In our little shop in Belfast 58/60 Castlereagh Road Belfast BT5 5FP or by phoning 02890732868 we hope to have a way of buying on line soon our web is www.auntsandras.com

Q: What food best compliments your product? Or what is your favourite way of using your product?

A: Simply eat it our handmade Honeycomb is a traditional recipe that’s almost 100 years old we sell it in granular form in small bags or 10 kg bags for production for mixing with ice cream , cheese cakes, or baking,

We also make it in chunks in 100 gram bags for our shop or 7kg bags for retailers to bag up.

Visit www.auntsandras.com to find out more.

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