We caught up with Catriona Evans of H’evans Truffles at the Love Your Home Show in October 2016.

‘Based in Whitehead, the journey to get to H’evans Truffles has been a personal one and not always easy but I am very proud of it. After the shock of the diagnosis I decided I was not going to be beaten and threw myself into my hobby of baking and fondant work. Making my cousins wedding cake, cupcakes and a fondant shoe was a distraction but it gave me a real boost when I realised what I could do. I wanted to know what I could make from chocolate and H’evans Trufles, Little Halos of Happiness was the result.’

Q:  What makes your product unique?

A: The unique flavours and opulant textures. I love experimenting with different flavour combinations for example balsamic vinegar and raspberry or chipolete and cinnamon or white chocolate and esspresso. Wherever possible I love to display them in unique ways.

Q: Where do you source your raw ingredients?

A: I source all my ingredients locally and am currently looking into working alongside fellow artisans for example, Lacada Brewery, which would be perfect for my stout and orange truffles.

Q: What inspires you as a producer?

A: Seeing the faces of someone who has tasted a combination that ‘shouldn’t’ go together but just works! That’s a real buzz moment for me. I suppose I also have an almost childlike ‘why not? why shouldn’t I put those flavours together?’ attitude and love discovering new ones.

Also, my children are seeing me bounce back from a serious illness and start my own business and for them to tell them they’re proud of me is the most fantastic thing ever!

Q: How did you get started?

A: H’evans Truffles is my silver lining. I had a few years of health problems and decided I had to do something whilst I was off work. So I began baking, then fondant work. Everyone seemed to be doing amazing things with cakes and cupcakes and I thought, why not give chocolate a go? I haven’t looked back.

Q: Why do you think it’s important to keep local?

A: I think we should all support and celebrate each others talents and successes and by keeping it local we do that and also promote the area itself and attract tourists and business. Victoriana Floal Boutique have been great, selling my chocolates on mothers day and I used there amazing flower work in some display work.

Q: What motto do you live/work by?

A: I can and I will, watch me!

Why not?

It’s nice to be nice and of course #everydayi’mtruffling!

Q: Where can we buy your products?

A:  I currently sell via Bite to Savour, my facebook page, @hevanstruffles and at various artisan markets.

Hopefully you’ll also be able to find my truffles in Indie fude soon, it’s a case of ‘I’m working on it, watch this space!’

Q: What food best compliments your product? Or what is your favourite way of using your product?

A: A glass of red wine with truffles is amazing, it gives even more depth to the chocolate experience.

I love the combination of chocolate, chili and red wine in a truffle, orange and cardamom or stout and orange. I have also begun making fudge and it is packaged along with a sachet of truffle drizzling sauce.


I am based in Whitehead, by the sea and work from home. I make everything by hand from bar to trufffle. H’evans Truffles are all about unique flavours and oppulance.

The truffles have a shelf life of 2 months as long as they are kept in an ambient temperature, out of direct heat/sun and as long as you can stop yourself from eating them!

Visit facebook.com/hevanstruffles to see a full list of their products.

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