For many of us, nothing marks the beginning of a new year quite like a crisp new diary, its pages blank and perfectly clean, ready for the notes, scribbles and appointments that lie ahead. Each of us looks for something quite unique in a diary, be it the page layout, size, print style or cover design, as we strive to organise our daily lives in our own per-sonal ways.

Even with the rise of modern technology and the ever increasing role of social media in helping us to become more organised, I think there is something rather comforting and wholesome about the act of sitting down and simply putting pen to paper to make a list of goals and aspirations for the weeks and months ahead, never more so than at this time of year, when our resolutions and determination to be better organised are at the forefront of our minds.

Whether it’s a family organiser you need to help you run a busy home with multiple schedules or a simple tear off paper pad for setting out your weekly do to lists, there is perfect stationery out there for everyone. So take life a little more slowly and set aside a few moments to make a list in a lovely fresh new organiser – I promise you’ll feel better for it!

If you haven’t already chosen a new diary or personal organiser for 2016, here are a few I have come across recently, some of which have been reduced in the sales – so no ex-cuses not to shop now! Just click on the links below the images for further info on where to buy.



1. Day to View 2016 Diary £15 // Paperchase

2. 2016 Calendar Cards £17 //

3. A2 Wall Calendar & Year Planner Now £7.50 //

4. Busy Family Diary 2016 £12.99 // Busy B

5. Kate Spade 17 Month Organiser £30 // John Lewis

6 Tear Off Weekly Desk Pad Now £9 // Papermash


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