This summer I made my annual pilgrimage to 100% Design in Earls Court, London, where dozens of young design graduates were displaying items made from reclaimed materials, like coke bottles and recycled pieces of furniture. This illustrates that being ‘Green’ or ‘Eco’ is no longer considered added-value but a fundamental part of the design process.

Environment Furniture (EFI) has propelled this thinking with their eco-conscious range of contemporary designer furniture. The Peroba Collection is a blend of Brazilian Peroba Rosa wood, reclaimed from 70 -100 year old buildings and barns, with responsibly harvested mahogany in its beds, tables and accent pieces. Chief Designer and Creative Director, Thomas Bina says the furniture reflects, “an infusion of old and new with an organic edge. If we’ve proven anything, it’s that eco-friendly furniture and accessories can be exciting and vital.”
Over 80% of asthmatics are allergic to house dust mite droppings, which live in upholstery and can feed off our skin. If you or a member of your family are prone to allergies, then furniture made from natural materials, certified timbers or upholstered using organic fabrics and fillings will be an important consideration.
Santos Platform Bed is made from reclaimed Peroba Rosa responsibly harvested mahogany. A revelatory spin on the classic platform, the Santos Bed features vertical headboards perched effortlessly atop a substantial bed frame. Available from Environmental Furniture, IFSC in Dublin, (0) 1 636 0014,


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