Carpeting your stairs or adding a stair runner  is a part of the home that can be overlooked but with a well-chosen stair carpet it can make a dramatic improvement to your home. The stairway in a home is widely used and experiences a large amount of traffic from family and guests so it is worth investing some time and thought into your selection.  We have put together some tips to help guide you towards  the best carpet to suit your home.

Benefits of Stair Carpet / Runner

  • Safety – The Friction and grip from the carpet limits the chances of falling and is a shock absorber especially for children and the elderly.
  • Noise reduction – Carpet is a noise insulator and greatly reduces the sound of footsteps travelling up and down stairs.
  • Wear and Tear – A carpet runner can protect your wooden floor from scratches and fading.
  • Style – The stairs are a focal point of many homes as you enter inside and an attractive carpet often creates a welcoming feel.


What you need: 4 x lengths of timber board (similar to scaffold planks or railway sleepers), two each of equal length.  This is the frame...

Choosing a colour & pattern

Trends change so think about what suits the needs of your home.

Carpet colour can alter the entire feel of a room, so be sure to select your colour carefully and wisely. Think about how trends may change over the years, some questions you may want to think about:

  • Do you want to brighten the area with a lighter coloured carpet or do you need a darker carpet for a lighter space?
  • Does the area receive a lot of sunlight? You may need to think about fading with darker carpets
  • Do you want the stair carpet to blend in and continue with colours from other rooms or do want to make a bold colour statement with your stairway?
  • Does your chosen pattern clash with any other patterns in the surrounding area?
  • Consider if your lifestyle is suited to a light or dark coloured carpet? Lighter colours will show stains more easily however a darker colour will show dust and lint. A mid-tone or patterned carpet may suit busy households
  • Floor runners are available in a variety of patterns, widths and lengths.

Ordering your stair carpet

Measure the length and width required.

  • Width – Firstly choose the design required and decide the width of carpet needed.  Standard widths are 60cm (2ft) 67cm (2ft 3″) 70cm (2Ft 4″) and 80cm (2ft 7″) As a general rule of thumb, 4″ of bare wood on either side of the stair runner is usually aesthetically pleasing and still allows the runner to be wide enough to give you a comfortable path for walking
  • Length – Measure the depth of thread usually 9″/23cm and also height of the riser normally 7″/18cm (If there is extra steps of if you are turning a corner you will need to add extra length) . Add the 2 figures together and multipy by the number of steps to work out the total amount required in metres. The stair carpet runner price listed is Per Running Metre (3ft3″) so simply order the quantity in the drop down box that corresponds to the metre length required.
  • Binding is not usually required for stair carpet so select “NO” in the drop down box shown below. If you intend to use the carpet as a hall runner the ends will require binding.

Hire a recommended carpet fitter to ensure your carpet is installed and fitted properly.


This final stage is extremely important as quality installation will ensure a well laid and perfect finish to your stair-runner.

We hope you have found our guide helpful  and can use it to create a beautiful and safe staircase for your home. To find out more about what runner may be best for your home, check out our full selection available instore or online.

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