Midcentury modern design is really having its moment in the interiors world right now, but it can be tricky enough to work it into your home decor without feeling like you’ve stepped into a 1950s time warp! For some people, it can be difficult to know what other pieces to bring in alongside very definite midcentury furnishings such as a teak G-plan sideboard or low slung leather armchair, but by following these basic decor rules, you can seamlessly incorporate that very cool, relaxed, mid-century feel into a modern setting.

1. Keep the backdrop neutral

In order to allow the clean lines of midcentury design to stand out, keep the walls light, sticking to neutral hues of fresh white, pale grey and mushroom. Conversely, if you really love dark and moody colours, a feature wall of dark charcoal or navy can really make tan leather or white midcentury furniture stand out as a definite focal point in a room.

I do however love the look of teak furniture teamed with lush greenery against a stark white wall, as shown here…

Image source: http://designcrushblog.com/2014/11/28/dining-room/

2. Consider lighting

The functional, fuss-free shapes of modern lighting styles, particularly pared back, industrial designs and simple Scandinavian pieces, team up perfectly with midcentury furnishings, as they blend effortlessly into the overall look. I really like how the simple birch wood floor lamp and navy table lamp below sit easily alongside the modern midcentury low-slung chairs and retro sideboard.

Image Source: http://www.marieclairemaison.com/photo/524833/10/suspension-origami-maisons-du-mo#autoSlide

3. Use greenery

No midcentury modern interior is complete without a pop of luscious greenery! It softens the defined lines of the furniture, looks fabulous against warm teak and adds a lovely, organic, bohemian feel to a room. Opt for leafy palm varieties or large-leaved swiss cheese or Yucca plants, setting larger ones on the floor next to a window or in a corner for added interest and smaller pots of foliage onto side tables or a teak sideboard.

I think the plant below looks gorgeous set behind this beauty of a tan leather sofa…

Image Source: http://apartment34.com/2015/01/loft-life-refresh-for-2015/

4. Play with colour and texture

The clean, functional lines of midcentury chairs and tables act as the perfect framework for layering up soft furnishings in a variety of colour, pattern and texture. Bring a more playful, eclectic feel to your decor with an oversized, brightly coloured Kilim rug or some boldly patterned cushions in geometrics or stripes. Add much needed texture to counteract the hard lines of wooden furniture with a sheepskin throw or shaggy rug, these look especially good set beneath the splayed wooden legs that give midcentury furniture that iconic look.

Image Source: http://www.mydomaine.com/eclectic-california-bungalow-home-design/slide27

5. Create focal points

Finally, midcentury design lends itself really well to being a focal point in a room. When incorporating pieces into your home, the eye must be able to travel freely around the room, only settling on one or two objects at a time. The simple, clean, silhouette of midcentury design does not sit well within a cluttered environment! So, place a beautiful, leggy, armchair in a sunny corner as a cosy spot for reading (as seen in the bedroom below) or create a stylish vignette of carefully chosen objects d’art or books on a retro side table or nightstand, anywhere in the home that needs that added pop of interest.

Image Source: http://onekindesign.com/2016/02/12/35-wonderfully-stylish-mid-century-modern-bedrooms/

The key thing to remember when decorating a room around midcentury furnishings is that you want the overall effect to remain clean and uncluttered, but don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through by way of pops of colour and texture throughout. Like anything, play about with items you already have in the home and before long you’ll achieve a look you’re happy with and that works for you – be patient, it’ll all come together!

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