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When we think of DIY projects or renovations for our home, we usually think in terms of practicality and longer term value addition. Sure, our projects also make our homes look good; knocking down that wall between your kitchen and dining room can create a modern, open space that you will absolutely love. But how many of our renovations actually make our homes simply more fun? In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the renovations that will add as much fun to your home as they do value, as well as some of the considerations you need to think about before you begin.

Before you Start

Before you dive into a project that will transform a part of your home – and eat away at finances – you need to think long and hard about what you want from the addition. Are you looking to sell at any point in the near future? Will you be having more children, or will children be leaving the nest soon? You’ll also need to figure out what aspects of the project you can do yourself and which you’ll need to get a professional in to handle. You’ll also have to check whether your additions will be included in any policies you have for your house, because some – such as adding a swimming pool – aren’t always covered by insurers.


With the details taken care of, let’s have a think about some of the fun changes you can make to your home.

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Games Room

If you’ve ever walked into a well done games room, you’ll know the appeal of having one in your home. The beauty of designing a games room is that you can do whatever you want with it – think of it as if you’re designing a bar tailored precisely to your interests, only it’s going to be in your house. Sports fans will want a big screen television hooked up with all the best channels; movie buffs may want to install a library of DVDs and a few comfortable chairs in order to have long movie marathons in comfort.


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You can also make a games room more of a chilled space where you can hang out with your friends. A well stocked bar is easier to install than you’d think. Add a pool table, darts board, and a few video games and you’ll have everything you need for an awesomely fun Friday night, which can be a real blessing when the weather turns nasty outside. A games room doesn’t even have to be a massive project, either, if you already have a spare room with plenty of space.

Water Fun

If you’re a keen swimmer and think you’re in your home for a long haul, go ahead and add a swimming pool. Some real estate agents think that they’re too much of an inconvenience for would-be buyers, who shy away from the responsibility of keeping the pool in good order. But who cares if you’re not looking to sell? Adding a swimming pool is super fun, and not just for those warm summer days. Go the whole nine yards and have it heated – nothing is more refreshing than waking up by going for a swim on a cold winters day.

If that’s too much of a commitment, take a look at an outdoor jacuzzi in your garden. They’re relatively easy to install and will deliver plenty of memorable nights under the stars – it beats watching television!

Treehouse Heaven

You can realise the dreams of your youth – and build an awesome spot that’ll have your friends round in droves – by adding an adult tree house in the back of your property. These can be whatever you want them to be – a guest room, hang out spot for friends or family, or a workspace where you can unleash your creative side.

Forget what you make you think a treehouse looks like, because they’re come a long, long way since the days of old. Take a look at some of the best around the world and dream of what could be. And unlike swimming pools, a treehouse can actually add value to your home! All the fun of spending weekend nights among the birds with your friends and improving the value of your home? Sounds like a winner to us!


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