Summer is here, but in Northern Ireland we can never be entirely sure of a ‘good drying day’. Until now.

Whether you are a new home owner or have just had a change in lifestyle, for example have started a family, or have retired or are thinking of embarking on home improvements, a natural gas tumble dryer is an ideal solution.  These systems are up to 70% faster than the traditional electric tumble dryer and up to 50% cheaper to run and there is also less need for ironing.

Natural Gas tumble dryers are extremely reliable and over time they will more than pay for themselves with fuel savings.

Here are 5 Top Reasons to make that change:

1. You’ll Save Time – And Money

A Natural Gas Tumble Dryer will save you time, add convenience and protect your clothing when it comes to doing the washing, compared to an electric alternative. Most importantly, they are significantly cheaper to run – up to 60% – because they’re so much more energy efficient.

2.  Your Clothes Will Look Better and Dry Faster

A Natural Gas Tumble Dryer will fluff and freshen your washing.  It will also dry your fabrics more quickly and efficiently.  There is a large load capacity of 7kg and the reverse tumble action prevents clothes from tangling and creasing and therefore saves time ironing.

3.  It Has State-of-the-Art Controls

A Natural Gas Tumble Dryer offers touch controls, digital displays and microcomputer based temperature settings for sensitive fabrics. There are no hidden charges.  Customers will just have to pay for the installation of the Tumble Dryer (typically costing around £250).

4.  It Shuts-Off When Dry

The system has a moisture sensing programme to know when your fabrics are dry, which saves energy and dramatically reduces the risk of shrinkage.  The drier automatically shuts off when the load is dry and the heat will disappear quickly, which reduces the amount of wrinkling.

5.  It’s Kinder to the Environment – And Your Clothes

Not only do Natural Gas Tumble Driers reduce carbon emissions and allow you to save money, a natural gas dryer is also kinder to your fabrics and offers A+ energy efficiency.


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