Today we caught up with Sylvia Linehan of Sylvia L Fine Art. A super talented Dublin artist making big strides in the art & home interior world.

1. Did you always want to be an artist? How did you get started?

As far back as I can remember I always had a love of painting and drawing. No matter where I have lived in Ireland I would always find an art group to paint and exhibit with. I attended NCAD in the evenings as a part time student and 2013 I completed a diploma in art and design. Then five years ago I had the opportunity to attend NCAD as a fulltime mature student and I graduated in 2016 with a BA Hons first class in Fine Art. Since graduating I have been painting up a storm and endeavouring to sell my work.

2. Who or what inspires you as an artist?

My artwork expresses my wonder and love of the natural world. The Irish countryside is the spark for my creativity. In particular I have a passion for trees and flowers. I am drawn to their complexity and beauty. The myriad of shapes, colours and textures inherent in the flora are a never ending source of inspiration.

3. Have any other artists been influential in your work?

I am drawn to an eclectic mix of different artists work. Georgia O’Keefe’s incredible paintings of flowers are intriguing and innovative. The large scale works of jenny Saville are stunning I love her dramatic visceral depictions of the human form. David Hockney’s giant paintings of the trees and landscape of his native Yorkshire are a joy to behold.

4. What makes your pieces unique?

I paint large scale colourful depictions of flowers with an emphasis on composition and design rather than realism. I render close-ups of motifs of nature in great detail but they are abstracted images. I focus on shape and colour while blending abstraction and realism to create work that at its core depicts the primary forms of nature.

5. Is there a specific technique that you use?

With regard to technique I am usually armed with a camera or my phone and I constantly take photographs, I am a night mare to walk with. When planning a painting I will play around with the photographs mixing images until I find a composition that I feel is both interesting and aesthetically pleasing.

6. Do you have a favourite material that you work with?

At the moment oil paints are my medium of choice but I love watercolour and the versatility of acrylics.

7. What projects are you currently working on?

I am working on some large scale paintings that involve abstracting motifs from nature. While closely observing the details in nature I am experimenting with scale, line and colour to push the boundaries of representational art.

8. Do you have a favourite pieces or one that you are most proud of?

I am really enjoying the floral work I am producing at the moment trying to single one out is very difficult as they each have something I love. I find them bright, bold and exciting.

9. Where can we buy your work?

My work is available from my web site or through facebook@sylvialinehanart . I will be exhibiting with The Dublin Painters and Sketchers Club this April in the CHQ Building, Custom House Quay. I also sell my work over the Summer months with The People’s Art on Stephens Green.

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