This week we took time out to visit Michael Onalimi of Flavour Safari “Irelands First African Inspired Sauce Range. ” A Unique Fusion of the Freshest Irish Ingredients & Finest of African Spices. After a taste we understand what the hype is all about.

We wanted to learn more about how Michael has come to producing his products in Ireland and what inspires him…

Food has always been a great passion of mine! Cooking and blending Spices is something that I have always loved from an early age. I grew up surrounded by a wide variety of Herbs & Spices as my mother owns a small food store back home in Lagos. I wanted to share my passion for food and create a new taste experience and that’s how Flavour Safari ® Sauces were born… The Irish Palate is changing.
People demand new flavours, they’ve travelled around the world and tried new foods and now they want those things here.” African Food is a thing of beauty and something close to my heart, and the dishes and ingredients I discovered at a young age such as yams, cassava, plantains, coconut, chillies, lemongrass, bitter leaf, uziza etc. are becoming more and more common on Irish menus.
My aim is to introduce Ireland to the richness of African culture and in doing so, inspire others to share their heritage and use their love of food to awaken the foodie within all of us.

We use as many Fresh Vegetables as possible, sourced from Local Suppliers and 100% Pure Cold Pressed Irish Rapeseed Oil, half saturated fat of Olive Oil & rich in Omega 3, 6 & 9 and infuse them with the finest of African Spices, which are all hand blended right here in Laois, creating a delicious flavoured sauce every time, that maintains full flavour, served Hot or Cold!

My journey across the African Continent and on to Europe, was the inspiration for my Flavour Safari ® Sauces…not only do they bring you a unique taste experience like no other but they tell a story of a flavour journey across two Continents! Great Food inspires me as a Producer! As a Small Artisan Food Producer and Food Lover at heart, I’m a firm believer in Quality before quantity when it comes to great food!
Each Flavour Safari Sauce is hand cooked in small batches to ensure every batch is of premium quality & superb taste and maintains their Artisan Qualities. In taking such pride in making our Flavour Safari Sauces and ensuring that we only use the finest Ingredients in everything we create, we believe that the result is a fantastic Artisan Product and with Flavour Safari® Sauces, you truly can Taste the Difference!

Flavour Safari® Sauces are a unique fusion of the freshest of Irish Ingredients combined with the finest of African Spices that create a New Flavour Sensation. They are a totally unique new Irish Product and there is nothing like them on the market! All our FLAVOUR SAFARI® products are certified Gluten Free and Suitable for Vegetarians.
I developed my products to have a controlled spiciness, in that you get the flavour first, before the heat as I wanted to concentrate on an explosion of flavours rather than just a palate burn when it comes to heat.
Not only did I strive to create sauces that are a totally new taste experience but I also put an extreme amount of effort into my branding, from jars to label design and functionality, every little piece of what I have created is unique to Flavour Safari alone and every little part, contributes to the overall brand concept and creates the unique brand image and brand identity that I was trying to achieve.

I am proud of each and every Flavour Safari Product as each of them were developed by myself, in order to offer a unique taste experience! The Irish Palette has changed and continues to develop over the years and Consumers are far more interested in Spicier Foods and experimenting with New Flavours and this is exactly what FLAVOUR SAFARI® Sauces offer.
From our Mild Tomato & Herb… A Mouth-watering, slightly Tangy yet delicate blend with a warm hint of African Chilli Heat that blooms slowly, allowing you time to enjoy each element of flavour and then lingers on the Palate with a pleasant moreish aftertaste, to our Spicy Tomato, A Volcano of flavour that erupts into a fiery explosion.
Our Biggest Seller, the Spicy Olive & Tomato Sauce, with its Fiery depth, and Fresh, Fruity character with robust kick of natural African Chilli Heat! Each Flavour Safari ® product offers a new taste experience!

We are currently developing our Flavour Safari Pesto for launch, a perfect alternative to traditional Pesto’s, as it contains No Nuts, No Cheese and No Basil…It is also certified Gluten Free & Suitable for Vegetarians! We are also working on some Brand New Exciting Flavour Safari Products that we plan to add to our range in the near future…so stay tuned for news on those!

All our Flavour Safari ® Sauces can be served Hot or Cold! Use them to create stunning Pasta Dishes! Fantastic for making homemade Lasagne or Cottage Pie, Spaghetti Bolognaise or Rice Dishes! Perfect as a tasty pizza base topping, delicious as a Relish on Sandwiches/Wraps! Serve as a salsa dip with your favourite side.
Great for the Barbecue too or an ideal accompaniment to Cheeseboards…The possibilities are endless!

You can currently find our Flavour Safari ® Sauce Range in the Food Academy Section in selected SuperValu Stores and you can also find us all across the country in Artisan Food Markets/Events such as BBC Good Food Shows London, Birmingham and Belfast , Savour Kilkenny, Taste of Dublin, Taste of Cavan, Flavours of Fingal, Taste of West Cork, West Waterford Festival of Food and many more.
And of course at Love Your Home Show 2018 in Citywest, Dublin! You can keep up to date with the Events we are exhibiting at on our Flavour Safari Facebook Page!

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