This week we caught up with Neasa Curran of Tremendous Truffles. Tremendous Truffles are handmade in Dublin using the finest of chocolate, full Irish cream and only ever natural flavours. We got an insight into the works of Tremendous Truffles and all we can say is ‘Welcome to chocolate heaven…’

Who doesn’t have an interest in food?! I’ve always loved the thrill of finding new products, particularly Irish artisan products to try out, be it as a stand alone treat or in cooking and baking, both of which I’ve always enjoyed doing.

Unfortunately the raw ingredients for chocolate are only grown far from these shores but I strive to support Irish companies for as much as possible for kitchen utensils, equipment and packaging.

The look on customers faces when they love my products! Good food is a simple pleasure that everyone can have – and should have!

All of the chocolate products are infused with natural flavours and all are classically paired; the type of chocolate, plain, milk or white with mainly fruit flavours that just work together to make a fantastic combination.

I get asked this a lot. All the time! All my products are special to me as the full range offers everything a chocolate lover could want. People have different tastes and they’re all catered for by Tremendous Truffles.

We offer a range of ten different flavoured chocolate truffles & bars, which is quite a lot – and there’s plenty more we could do. We’re revisting a great flavour combination for a corporate client at the moment and are able to cater for specific requests.

Sit back, relax and enjoy!
They are fabulous just as they are. For a more intense experience, coffee with chocolate is hard to beat, particularly some milk chocolate salted caramel. Or a nice glass of red wine with some plain chocolate cherry truffles for a very decedent treat. In general though, what I hear is ‘Just give me the chocolate!’

The website has all products listed, we’re in a number of stores in the Dublin area as well as planning expansion throughout the country in the near future. You’ll find our stand at The Green Door Market, D8 on Sundays.

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