By most accounts, the first batch of fudge was the result of an accident while making some other confection. Perhaps the amounts of sugar and chocolate were mistakenly inverted or an ingredient was omitted while making toffee or caramel.  This week we talk to the lovely folk at Granny Shaws Fudge Factory and find out how ‘the mistake’ of the confection world is now proving to be one of the most delicious of treats.

The fudge was started as a little fun in our home kitchen with small sales going out to local craft fairs. It was acting as a little therapy after my wife and now business partner became quite ill a few years back. After noticing how popular it was we looked further afield to see how we could produce fudge on a bigger scale. Presently we have just opened up Northern Ireland’s first Fudge Factory Shop in Glenarm Castle Co Antrim.

We use locally sourced butters in our fudges which can range from the ever popular Golden Cow to a Ballyrashane Butters. We are always keen on supporting local as music as possible. For instance we use an award winning smoked salt in our Salted Caramel Fudge from the North Coast Smokehouse and also our honeycomb inclusion is made by Aunt Sandra’s in Belfast.

Inspiration always comes form the vast array of producers we trade with on a weekly basis at various artisan food and craft markets. It is wonderful to see how inventive our makers are. I think we are always looking for the next idea!

Our fudge can be made in over 70 flavours and really nothing is impossible. We have often made bespoke flavours for wedding favours and corporate clients. We like to think the uniqueness is also in our inventiveness. Anything goes!!!


My most favourite fudge bar is our Sticky toffee Pudding fudge laced with dates and real toffee. However recently we have been making a wide range of fudge dipped apples and mallows as well as a new range of traybakes topped with our fudge. The new bolt on products are all so good!

The fudge is great to eat just as it is, by the bar. But you can experiment by using it to make Fudge Brownies, Traybakes as mentioned earlier and if you microwave it for around 30/45 secs it becomes a great fudge sauce to use over ice-cream, pancakes or waffles.

You can buy a selection of our products through our website or why not pop round to see us at our home in the grounds of Glenarm Castle.

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