This week we caught up with Katrina Crawford of Bayin. Bayin is uniquely set up to bring a taste of Myanmar (formerly Burma in South East Asia) to your table. John & Katrina are the first importers of cold pressed, naturally produced Sesame and Peanut oil from Myanmar to Europe. This is just the beginning of the Bayin range of Myanmar food.

Both John (my husband) & I have always loved trying new food so when we went to Myanmar on our honeymoon we couldn’t wait to try everything. It was on this trip trekking through the hills of Myanmar we came up with the idea to begin exporting Myanmar food to Ireland!

Bayin sources all its raw ingredients from Myanmar. We source directly from the farmers and give back to the school in the local area with sports and educational equipment.

High Quality products are of the highest importance for us. Bust as we are the first European company exporting food from Myanmar, seeing our customers trying food from a new provenance is exciting but what really inspires us is giving farmers and producers in Myanmar a platform to sell their products in Europe.

Both our Sesame and Peanut oils are cold pressed and naturally produced. In fact Bayin Peanut oil is the only Cold Pressed Peanut oil available in Ireland. Bayin Pickled Tea is totally unique this is Tea that you eat! The tea leaves are fermented in bamboo for 6 months and preserved in oil. Pickled tea is delicious as a salad, through a stir-fry or with fish. Bayin Nut & Bean Mix is a unique crunchy topper to add flavour and texture to any salad, curry or stir-fry dish.

Asking a small food producer to choose their favourite product is like asking a parent which is their favourite child….but as you have asked its Bayin Peanut Oil. I love the sweet nutty flavour of the oil. It is also extremely versatile it makes an excellent roast potato but you can really taste the flavour of it in a salad dressing. Last year it won a Great Taste Award so we are very proud of that.

We plan to go over to Myanmar again this year to source new and unusual flavours. Our motto is Going Off The Eaten Track and we want to bring our customers on that journey with us.

Bayin Sesame and Peanut oils both have a high smoke point so are great for cooking at high temperatures but also work extremely well poured over salads or rice dishes for extra flavour. Bayin pickled Tea is great for making a salad or on a Bruschetta. Our nut & bean mix is perfect to add crunch and flavour to a salad, stir-fry or a curry.
All Bayin products work really well with Asian cuisine but are versatile to work in any dish.

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