What is it about wood? When you watch someone pick up a well-made piece of turning, and pass it through their hands, it’s almost as if they are absorbing something from it. This is just what they are doing – they are taking in the natural qualities of this wonderful material. ¬†

The feel of wood has the power to evoke something of the calm of the forest, the imposing presence of a full-grown tree, the durability of old oak beams and the delicacy of fine furniture.  Handling a piece of timber puts you in touch with its history. In each piece, you can see the annual growth rings that tell its age. Over the years, events in the life of the tree leave their mark.

Artisan maker, Boddy Gilbert brings out the uniqueness and character in each and every one of his handcrafted items, we spoke to him about his work.

What makes your product unique?

Each piece is individual and could not be repeated in its exact form. Wood grain and shapes are very distinct.

What inspires you as an artist/maker?

Wood can be turned into beautiful objects and is a most tactile material. To see and feel the finished article gives much satisfaction and creates inspiration.

How did you get started?

I was bought a woodturning workshop for a birthday by my partner. It all took off from there.

Why do you think it’s important to keep local?

We should all buy local when possible to assist on the growth of our economy. All items are hand made in my workshop at the foot of Slemish Mountain in Co Antrim.

What motto do you live/work by?

If it’s a challenge, take it on.

All “Slemish Woodcraft” products are meticulously and lovingly hand crafted from the finest local and exotic woods available. Each individual piece is unique.

Gifts for friends or loved ones and may be used to add character to a favourite piece of furniture.
Commissions accepted.

Contact Bobby on 07802 586636

Slemish Woodcraft

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