Baavets were first developed by husband and wife team Roger and Lesley who have a small hill farm in Snowdonia, North Wales (His mother’s name is Eileen O’Dowd so there is a strong Irish connection!) They wanted to find a value added use for wool and thought that a wool duvet would be the thing. However there was no one in the UK or Ireland that could make them. So they have had to bring together the traditional skills of a number of different people. Over the last 4 years they have used their skills and have built the first and only commercial wool carding and quilting line to make the only wool duvet in the UK or Ireland.

“A Baavet is a world class product and we want to share our experience and skills with our Irish neighbours. The wool in our Irish Baavets comes straight from Irish farms but wool can no longer be processed commercially anywhere in Ireland in fact most Irish wool is exported direct to China, or shipped to the UK for processing.”

“And although we have a Baavet HQ in Ireland will be making the first Irish wool Baavets mainly in Snowdonia but we hope in the very near future to come across the Irish Sea and make them in Ireland. But that’s up to the Irish people. If you love Baavets like all our clients do then we aim to do just that…make them in Ireland. In the meantime we have a team of people in Ireland who can help with any of your questions.”

What makes your product unique?

It is the only pure Irish Wool duvet on the market and we have wool pillows and wool Mattress toppers. We can also supply all our products with British wool.

What inspires you as an artist/maker?

I am inspired greatly by the versatility of pure wool and the possible creations and benefits of wool products for us all.

How did you get started?

I got started by buying a pure wool duvet, loving it and living a natural way of life and now I am Baavet in Ireland

Why do you think it’s important to keep local?

I think it is very important for all concerned to see our finished products from pure raw wool and the huge potential for farmers to customers if we revive the wool industry and our natural raw material wool.

What motto do you live/work by?

“Just do it”, no point talking about it  lets all get on with it.

“I would just ask people to look at the huge benefits of wool, come and see us at our stand and understand the quality of a pure natural wool product like our Duvets, pillows and mattress toppers.”

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