We are an East Antrim Family  business creating our own particular books, prints, T-Shirts and greetings cards. All inspired by our life and culture in Northern Ireland.

The Ruftyroohah range of products have been created by one artist, Randall Stephen Hall. Who is an illustrator, a poet, a storyteller and a musician. So he brings his own unique skills to the table
regarding most of our projects.

Though another new “Wee Feltie Range” has recently been created by Stephen’s wife, Ann Hall. An indication of our involvement in a family business.

“Ruftyroohah” You Tube video https://youtu.be/U18s8Ke8cOQ

Our products make a humorous edition to your home and a unique talking point.

Whether they are books, prints, T-Shirts, cards or even music all this work is inspired by Northern Irish culture in all its varied forms.

The combined influences of our mixed culture inspires the work either through the place itself, the way we sound, our shared heritage and our unusual Northern Irish sense of humour.

All our products are created and produced in Northern Ireland.

We began with the opportunity of showing our work at St. George’s Market in Belfast. This positive experience inspired our imagination and shaped how we developed the individual ranges.

The main focus of the birth all our Ruftyroohah ranges was to create products that celebrate Northern Ireland in a unique way, with our blend strong illustrative roots and bold humour.

“All the work speaks for itself and is highly original. It celebrates who we are and how we sound. It has a strong sense of self esteem and a deep love of the place and of home. “RUFTY-ROO-HAH” is way of saying who we are. A whole positive mixture of things.

Our work reflects the positive aspects of our local culture. This is a broad experience based on a shared heritage, Richly diverse and, in many ways, yet to be recognized for what it is.

When Natasha Hall was just a baby, she was set to grow up in quite an unusual household where being artistic was just the norm. Her mum and dad (an art teacher and graphic designer, respectively) had met at the local art college in Belfast at the end of the 1970s. They fell in love, got married, and set up home in North Belfast. Soon after Natasha’s dad became a freelance illustrator, working long hours in the rather cramped studio space of just five feet by seven, in their small home.

Something had to change, so in 1989 the Hall family moved to Whitehead in East Antrim. To an old Victoian semi, which they are still fixing up. “Over the next twenty six years my dad developed his craft, not only as an illustrator and a writer but many other things too. I watched all that happen with my sister Rebekah. I even remember watching my dad produce his first self published book. I was about eleven at the time”, says Natasha. “It was called The Giant’s Causeway. This story was re-told using a lot of our local words and it reflects our sense of humour here. It has its very own special flavour and bite.”

Link: The Giant’s Causeway (English DVD animation) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RnN5HQe1Fvk

Natasha continues . . . I had previously worked in Retail for over 12 years, I wanted to create a new range of tourism products that had deep roots in illustration that complimented what had already previously been created by my father, maintaining a range produced in Northern Ireland by one family, I was thinking about a new business and my dad and I just got talking about what skills he had and what I do best, which is selling, retail and developing new product lines. Anyway, the idea for  “RUFTY-ROO-HAH!” just evolved over a cup of coffee and a conversation.”

People choosing to support local is the paramount key to the growth of independent small and medium  businesses within northern Ireland, local communities stepping away from the big-box retailers, and supporting his or hers local business owners,the real people with passion and drive and the personal stories behind the products they create,grow and produce.
5. What motto do you live/work by?
To create something new through the curiosity of what will happen next.
Good things grow from an informed sense of our own shared experience.

Find out more at www.ruftyroohah.com

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