The Moon smart home security camera, which is still at the prototype stage, is coming in March 2018, and if you think that some of the other already available smart home tech is creepy, then the Moon is a whole new level.

The Moon is a levitating eyeball shaped security camera that can rotate 360 degrees and follow movements and noise.  The Moon has been developed by an American startup company called 1-Ring.  They have crowd funded the development of the Moon which will be available to the mass market in Spring 2018.

According to the inventors, you can program your Moon device so that when it hears a noise you can either receive a notification, record a video clip or take a photo.  The Moon works with an app from which you can rotate the camera to look around your room.  It can also sense where noise is coming from and turn silently to track the noise.  You can save your footage to the cloud of your choice and the Moon will record a time lapse of your day.

The camera records in 1080p HD and the lens has 130 degree viewing angle.  The device records thirty frames per second.

With it’s built in camera and microphone you can also use the device for video calls.

It can also work as a baby monitor or a pet monitor and has sensors included which measure, light, humidity, temperature and CO2 levels.  The Moon also has an infra-red light for night vision.

There is a built in Guard Mode which, when you are away from home, will switch on lights and make is seem like your home is occupied.

The Moon is continuously being charged wirelessly, at the base, so there are no concerns about battery life.  The sphere is also magnetic so it will attach to other items.  The battery life away from the base is reported to be approximately five hours.

The Moon integrates with other smart home devices like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings and Philips Lighting.  In theory, you’ll be able to connect smaller smart home gadgets such as your light bulbs and switches to the Moon, and then control them with the Moon app.

The Moon comes at a premium cost estimated at approximately £250 per unit.  At the moment you can only pre-order via their crowd funding page but it should be available to all of us in early 2018.


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