P A I N T – is Magnolia the culprit?

Paint is often the first thing home owners purchase when they are ready to move into their new home or redecorate their existing home – BUT ITS NOT OURS!

We believe paint colour should be the last decision made when completing any interior design scheme. It should complement everything else in your space. This includes upholstery furniture, window dressings, flooring, lighting and home accessories.

“Every item in a space should be considered before paint colour is chosen, this is significant to the interior design process” Stephen Blakely (Creative Director)

Image credit to harlequin fabrics and wallcoverings. Available at Blakely Interiors.

Time and time again our experts are contacted by home owners who are struggling to make their house feel like a home.  This often stems from choosing the wrong paint – 90% of the time magnolia is the culprit.

When home owners are given the green light to move into their new home we often find that they rush to the nearest paint shop and purchase litres upon litres of magnolia paint.

We find it’s a natural-instinct for home owners to purchase Magnolia. This usually involves little planning.

We call this epidemic; Magnolia-itis.


Magnolia limits your interior design choices to cream/yellow shades, which is not the preferred colour choice for home-owners in 2018.

Magnolia-itis can be easily avoided if you follow our expert tips when choosing a paint colour for your home.

  1. Don’t pick your paint colour first. It makes more sense choosing a paint colour when all fabrics, furniture and décor has been chosen. Then you can choose a paint colour that compliments these items.
  2. Plan your space with a mood board. Collate up to 10 inspirational images, Pinterest is a good tool for this. This will give you a clear vision of your end goal.
  3. Decide whether you want your paint colour to be bold to draw attention to the walls or do you want it to be a softer more neutral tone to let other aspects of your space stand out. This will identify the colour band that will work in your space. The colour band is different colours with the same hue of lightness. This will also help you eliminate the colours that don’t work in your space.
  4. Once you have chosen the colour band then you must choose the paint colours that compliment your interior design scheme. (This includes the fabrics, furniture and home accessories within your space). Make sure you consider your personal taste too.
  5. Please keep in mind the flow of paint colour used throughout your house too. This will help when walking from one room to the next.

    Image credit to Zoffany paints. Available at Blakely Interiors.
  6. To help identify your preferred paint colour we would recommend testing two/three sample pots of your favourite colours from your colour band.
  7. We would recommend painting an A4 page with your test pots and placing it on a few different walls to let you see how the light hits the paint colours in your space. This will help you decide on your chosen paint colour.
  8. Once you have chosen your paint colour be sure to buy the tins of paint from the same batch. This will ensure each tin is of the same shade. The batch number is usually found on the lid of the paint. It’s better to overestimate and return unused tins than to mix different batches.


Expert Advice: “Every item in a space should be considered before paint colour is chosen, this is significant to the interior design process” Stephen Blakely (Creative Director)

To step away from Magnolia and say hello to a paint colour that compliments your home please get in touch. We have an extensive choice of quality paints available for you to choose at Blakely Interiors.

You can get in touch with our experts on 028 4062 2666 or email enquiries@blakelyinteriors.co.uk

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