Summer is fast approaching. Sunny, long evenings on the terrace are contributing to that pre-Holiday feeling. Today I talk about how you can transform your space into a relaxed oasis with my easy and effective Feng Shui tips.

Start by organising your wooden loungers near a solid wall or with the best views so you can see who is coming and you are not be surprised when somebody is approaching from behind. That gives a sense of security.

Then place the table in the middle. Preferably an organic shaped one, with round edges so that the Qi (energy) can gently flow around it. Think of natural materials like marble, granite or wood, firm Feng Shui favourites.

Decorate with bold purple colours and striking designs in the form of comfy cushions and accessories. Use natural fabrics such as wool, linen or cotton, and add a touch of sparkle by hanging luminous string light lanterns along your parasol or as table decoration for the evenings. Let real plants and flowers bloom and enjoy the scent of Summer all around you.

Don’t forget the cooling Summer drinks that will set the mood for a Summer evening with family, friends and your loved ones.

Extra tips for your terrace decoration

I can really recommend a couple of items which I bought for my own terrace, just to mention a few.

Representing wealth and prosperity, water fountains are very popular in Feng Shui and can readily be integrated in your design.

When you want to improve and increase the energies on your terrace, mobiles and wind chimes are perfect. On the other hand, choose stones, rocks or big flower tubs for calmness and stability.

Box trees are a great energy source for your terrace; choose round shapes and cut them regularly. If you are grouping potted plants, be mindful that different kinds will evoke different energies which will set your priorities. Last but not least displaying art will boost your achievements.

Written by Katharina Gummelt of Xiu Feng Shui.  As part of the Interior Design Clinic, Katharina will be giving free 1-2-1 advice at Love Your Home Show 2018 in Citywest Convention Centre, Dublin on 12th & 13th May 2018.  Why not come along and speak to Katharina in person.  Get your free tickets below.

Katharina Gummelt is the founder of Xiu Feng Shui with office based in Dublin where she provides professional and personal authentic Feng Shui advice for tenants of apartments, as well as residential and commercial building owners. She helps them to create an uplifting atmosphere in their spaces by providing comprehensive services as authentic Feng Shui expert.

In October 2017 she received an Award for Best Design 2017 by Colourtrend Interior Design Forum for her sophisticated Home Office and Guest Bedroom Design. She also holds a distinction in Interior Design Architecture.


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Katharina Gummelt, Xiu Feng Shui

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Award Winner of Best Design 2017 at Colourtrend Interior Design Forum

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