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Who said interior design has to remain indoors, definitely not us at Blakely Interiors.

Summer, the season of entertaining guests, is well and truly here! Bring your home décor outside with our top 5 tips and create an inviting outdoor space.

Image from Scion Collection available at Blakely Interiors

  1. Comfort is key when choosing furniture – be smart.

Make sure the fabric choice is timeless and the furniture is durable for the weather. Have no regrets and get your upholstery furniture made bespoke. This will give you confidence in your outdoor décor and let you lounge in style and luxury.

Image from Harlequin Collection available at Blakely Interiors

  1. Add ambience to your space with lighting!

Simply place a few lanterns across your space, some tealights along walkways or add some zigzag string lights above head height. This will create a cosy and magical setting.

Image from Harlequin Collection available at Blakely Interiors

  1. Pop some colour – we dare you!

Cushions of all shapes and sizes are a must in your space outdoors. They add a pop of colour to your seating. Mix patterns and textures where you can, don’t hold back.

Image from Harlequin Collection available at Blakely Interiors

  1. Rugs will complete your space – they are great for separating areas and by plotting a few cushions down on top will give you more seating options for friends and family.

Image from Harlequin Collection available at Blakely Interiors

  1. Water your greens (providing there is no water ban, of course) and give them a little trim, TLC can work miracles.

Images from Sanderson Collection available at Blakely Interiors

Expert Advice: “Don’t hold back and limit yourself to one colour, mix and match and test ideas out. Be bold and adventurous with your outdoor décor” says Stephen (Creative Director at Blakely Interiors).

We have one of the largest libraries of designer fabrics for you to discover. With our manufacturing facilities in-house too, we can help you complete your outdoor décor. You can get in touch with our experts on 028 4062 2666 or email enquiries@blakelyinteriors.co.uk

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