At Love Your Home we appreciate good quality local homes when we see them. For that reason we thought it would be a good idea to bring you more inspiration. This time we are in the country’s capital, Dublin.

Gillian’s Historic But Modern Home

First up we have Gillian’s beautiful historic but modern home. “We renovated an historic house; it was semiderelict when we bought it and we did it up in stages. At the time we were mostly concerned with tailoring the house to our own needs.”

Gillian would often throughout the year home exchange. “The fact that we’re by the sea and our Dublin city centre location. “We often exchange with people who live in the south of France and I think they enjoy getting away from the heat! We also have four bedrooms which is handy, and because we have children there are plenty of toys.”

“When ours go to other people’s homes I know they enjoy seeing new toys and I expect it’s the same for the young ones that come to our house. In general our children love seeing new things, discovering amazing areas, and being an interior designer I love home exchanging because I get to enjoy great architecture and design. It also saves a lot of money.”

“The renovation mostly consisted of replacing the existing heating and hot water system with a new equivalent, we also put in double glazing and did some insulation work. But while the house is easy to navigate it still requires some guidance to use.”

Project Source: Selfbuild Ireland

Glenna and Gerry’s County Dublin Home Renovation

‘Whilst building your house to face the road has some appeal, the need for privacy, the desire to avail of views and the sun’s ability to warm up the house, coupled with an aversion to noise, have conspired to make this a less desirable alternative than it may have been in the past.

But when you’re renovating there’s little you can do about where your house is positioned. The only option is to change how that box is configured and make it feel like it’s been relocated. And as Glenna bought their two-bedroom Land Commission cottage with a view to extend, the change in orientation had to take place alongside an extension and renovation.’

Project Source: Selfbuild Ireland

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