We asked our Artists and Makers from Love Your Home to tell us about their favourite makes.  Find out below about the most favoured makes from Erskine Irvine, Kathleen McGovern and Babs Belshaw.

Erskine Artist 

Two Apples and a Pear is a conceptual still life, painted in oils, is my first move away from the traditional view.

The metal Coffee and Milk Jugs stay relatively the same, albeit more stylized, retaining the flow for the eye to move upward and over, to fall onto how apples and a pear would look had fruit grown in a more geometric universe.

For more details see www.erskineartist.wixsite.com/portfolio

Abacus Beads 

Our range of light pulls were created a number of years ago for the Love Your Home show and each year we add new colours to correspond with colour trends. This years most popular one was the rose gold & bronze metallic. A beaded light pull is an inexpensive way to brighten up a bathroom or ensuite and you can coordinate with your individual colour schemes.

For more information see www.facebook.com/AbacusBeads

Babs Belshaw Ceramics 

I create one off porcelain ceramic vessels and specialise in a technicle crystal glaze.
This bottle was one of those peices that came out the kiln just perfect, the white crystal had flourished into a perfect circle. This happens very rarely as the glaze grows the crystals whilst melting in the kiln, which is totally out of my control. All of my crystal peices are completely unique.

For more information see www.babsbelshaw.com



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