We asked our Artists and Makers from Love Your Home to tell us about their favourite makes.  Find out below about the most favoured makes from Jane Meyler, Karen Christie and Seanna O Boyle – Irvine.

Jane Meyler 

My paintings are visual diaries to me, reminding me of my trips around the country. I paint primarily, en plein air and love to capture the beauty or mood or a place as it stands before me.  After my first to the Mourne Mountains 8 years ago, I was hooked.  The majestic hills with it’s magnificent vistas and breathtaking seas call me back time after time.  These two paintings were from my first hike to Lough Shannagh last July.  I was in awe of the abundance of bog cotton and the colours of the wild heather.  Each time I look at a painting, it brings me straight back to that moment in time.  Wonderful memories!

Watch out for me and my little old hymer camper, Rosie as we take to the country for painting trips.  The Mournes beckon yet again and a trip back North is in the cards.

Visit www.janemeyler.com for more information.

Karen Christie – Ratty Tat Hats 

Madame Butterfly is definitely one of my favourites of my creations to date. She is a striking scarlet red Deadman or low crown top hat. I spent a rather large amount of painstaking time restoring the vintage ceremonial sari trim but I am pleased to, at last, put it to use. You can’t help but wonder about the previous life some of the hats’ inclusions have had….and now for them to be enjoyed again is really priceless to me. This flattering topper certainly has an antique look and I just wonder what Puccini would think!

For more information see www.rattytathats.com

Seanna O Boyle – Irvine from Awl Wood Design

When you make an item from scratch it does mean something so its hard to single out a single piece so I have chosen two. Recently I rescued a piece of wood from a skip (with permission). It was a beam and over 100 years old. Once I had cut the salvageable pieces and treated them for water damage and potential woodworm then sanded and oiled the beautiful grain of the wood then showed itself. With the smaller pieces I created a pair of lights with sympathetic old style fittings and the remaining larger piece I made an oak coffee table using the beam as the stem. Unusual and unique.

For more information see website here 



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