Integrated kitchen appliances are hidden or housed behind cupboard doors, giving your kitchen a streamlined appearance.  Integrated kitchens can disguise anything from fridges, freezers, dishwashers and washing machines to wine coolers, coffee machines or even ironing boards.

7 reasons we love integrated kitchen appliances:

1.Clean & Sleek. If you like clean lines in your kitchen, this is the way to go as it achieves a sleek, uniform appearance. Built-in appliances create a sleek, simple design. If you would like your washing machine or oven to fit flawlessly within your kitchen, integrated appliances are specifically intended for this purpose.

2. Quiet. Built-in appliances such as washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers can be quieter behind an integral door making them perfect for open plan living.  A growing number of apartments and houses are constructed with a living room and kitchen united. Hidden away appliances make sure that your kitchen does not contradict the design of the rest of your living room, making it a cosy place you will always want to relax in.

3. Value. A roomy looking kitchen, with energy saving appliances is a big bonus for homeowners looking to sell, or landlords who wish to draw the attention of prospective tenants.  Integrated appliances can add value if you sell your home, as they are attractive to buyers who don’t have their own goods and want a kitchen that’s ready to use.

4. Flexibility.  Built-in appliances are a flexible addition to your kitchen as they can be installed at different levels – for instance at eye-level, in-column or beneath worktops.  This in turn can make food preparation considerably easier, and free up floor space in the process.

5. Space saving. If you do not have enough room for freestanding appliances and you want make use of a compact kitchen space then, integrated appliances are perfect.

6. More accessible. An integrated oven placed higher up in your units makes accessibility and food checking easier, as well as helping to keep hot things away from children and pets.

7. Easy Maintenance. With no free surrounding spaces, nooks and crannies there is nowhere for dirt and dust to gather making integrated appliances are easier to clean and maintain.

When deciding between integrated or stand-alone appliances, consider the shape and size of your kitchen. Integrating white goods in a very small kitchen can help to avoid a cluttered look and create an illusion of space. But a kitchen in an older property, on the other hand, might have quirky nooks and crannies that are best showcased with freestanding, vintage-style appliances.


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