Incorporating a carefully chosen mirror into your kitchen is a clever design move. As well as injecting a touch of glamour, a mirror brings other benefits too. The reflective surface bounces light back across a room, boosting brightness and adding a sense of depth. It’s also a simple but highly effective way to make your space look bigger. Depending on what type of mirror you go for, it can be a relatively inexpensive way to boost your cook space. Browse these imaginative ways to add mirrored glass to your kitchen.

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Put one behind your hob…

Clever positioning of a mirror can boost your kitchen’s design in several ways. For example, locating a mirrored splashback behind a hob (as pictured) will let you easily keep an eye on small children or continue to chat to friends, without having to turn around while cooking.

This mirrored splashback reflects the garden, creating the illusion of more outdoor space, as well as visually doubling the presence of the feature brick wall. This light- and space-boosting effect is heightened by combining the mirror with the glass ceiling and large windows.

…or your sink

As mentioned, mirrors are great for reflecting light, which will make a kitchen feel more spacious, open and bright. This means they’re especially effective in small or dark kitchens, where they can transform an otherwise dingy space into a comfortable place for cooking, working and socialising. Here, the mirror reflects the garden back into the room, which really helps to open it up.

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